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Jeff Goldsmith has launched great marketing programs for over 25 years, and is now a consultant and Interim CMO who delivers effective marketing for his startup clients.

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His career evolved from ad copywriter and magazine journalist, to creative director, to bootstrap entrepreneur, now astrategic VP of Marketing and executional Consultant for startups.

Past startups include consumer and B2B, successes and flameouts,like Greenplum, Catalog Spree, Skytree, Sauce Labs, Gear 6, Viamigo, Object Fetish, Big Vine, Neuromedia, Visible and many others.

Ad and branding clients include Blue Shield, Hilton, Hitachi, Dish Network, Nutri/System, Etrade, Quicken, Visa, GE, PwC, Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo,, Starbucks, Sprint, E-Loan, PayPal etc.